With a lot of golf courses across the world eyeing a re-opening starting in May, many golfers have begun asking a simple question in relation to the coronavirus:

Are golf courses located in warm weather safer than golf courses in colder weather?

It’s a fair question to ask — one that President Donald Trump has floated himself yesterday— and would of course be great news for so many golfers, who live in say a tropical climate like Thailand. But is the possibility that warm weather could kill off the coronavirus backed by science? With so much still unknown the answer is not as straightforward as you might hope. In a nutshell: Maybe…Warm weather may slow, but not stop, the spread

A recent study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that 90 percent of transmissions occurred within a temperature range of 37 and 63 degrees, and began dropping once temperatures rose higher. However, correlation not equaling causation, it concluded: “Our results in no way suggest that 2019-nCoV would not spread in warm humid regions.”

Another study from Johns Hopkins University found similar results: that warm weather could help slow the spread but not by much. But while many doctors admit we still don’t have all the data and are cautiously optimistic about warm weather potentially slowing the spread, it’s unlikely to be a magic bullet that solves everything.

Now here we are still awaiting several provinces across Thailand, to announce whether certain golf courses can re-open soon. Watch this space. So, if and when you get out to your area local golf course, experts still recommend you continue observing social distancing measures, adhere to governmental guidelines, and use our handy guide to play smart and safe on the course.

For golf course bookings and reviews, please visit the Fore Management website for more details.

Extracts taken from a Golf.com article written by Luke Kerr-Dineen

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