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TDGA COVER 1 golf polo shirt

Tom Dingwall: How To Hit Better Drives

Struggling with your driving? Scottish professional Tom Dingwall, founder of the Tom Dingwall Golf Academy in Bangkok, Thailand, joins us to give us his best tips on how to hit better drives. Position your stance slightly wider than your shoulders. This enables a stable base so you can swing hard without losing balance. Tee up […]

oban mens golf polo shirt red black mountain

What Makes a Best Golf Shirt?

Golfers like to arrive at the golf club feeling fit and ready for an exciting round of golf with work colleagues or friends. Apart from having the best set of clubs in their golf bag, they also want to look the part too, and wish to be seen wearing the best golf shirt around. Rather […]

bangkok motor show fenix exhibition

Fenix Custom Exhibits at the 2021 Bangkok Motor Show

What would a golf brand like Fenix be doing at an international motor show, you might ask? Well, whilst we love supplying performance apparel to golfers via our retail brand Fenix XCell, we also take pride in designing and producing uniforms and custom-designed apparel and accessories for companies via our corporate service – Fenix Custom. […]

BJUV6357 scaled golf polo shirt

Why Your Company Should Buy Custom Uniforms

Appearance is everything, particularly when your staff are out there promoting your business, and you naturally want them to feel proud to wear your company logo. Whether you are a front-line teller in a bank, a waitress in a restaurant, senior sales staff at a promotion, or even a factory worker, what they wear is […]

zuback 1920 muscle 2002 golf polo shirt

Does it Really Matter How Far We Can Drive?

Maybe your New Year’s resolution was to lose weight during the lockdowns or to stop drinking or to spend more time learning a new language.   However, one of the most consistent New Year resolutions for us golfers is still…Can I increase my driving distance?   OK, we all want to reduce the average shots […]

golf wedge and balls for short game practise

5 Tips To Improve Your Short Game

We all know that it feels great to drive our ball way down the fairway, but at the end of the day, if your short game is a mess, you will never win a round of golf.   The hard part is to know who to listen to when taking advice and then to have […]

Bryson Dechambeau before and after

Power Up? How much should golfers work on strength training?

So, every time Bryson DeChambeau is competing on TV, commentators start to talk about how he has trained so hard during the lockdown and what a difference it has made to his driving speed and distance.   That said he seems to be missing the actual fairways a lot more than before so is it […]

A greenkeeper measuring the green speed

Green Speeds and the Stimpmeter Explained

The “stimp” or “stimp rating” of a putting green is a numerical value that represents how fast the golf ball rolls on the putting surface. Golfers call this rating the green speed.   Greenspeed is best measured with a Stimpmeter which should be part of the equipment of every greenkeeper. Most courses will use a stimpmeter regularly so that greenspeeds can be […]

Purple and White Checkered Golf Polo

Why Fitting Matters More for Average Golfers

Many average golfers wonder how a golf club fitting can possibly help their inconsistent golf games. Rather like buying a suit off the peg, many of us will buy our golf set in the sports store and go straight out on the course.   So why do the pros spend so much time in the […]

Golf safari hole in South Africa

Can You Find Any Crazier GolfCourses?

Here in Thailand, we thought we had some crazy golf courses. Some have been built around old tin mines, or with boulders on the greens, or have greens in the shape of Thailand. But have a look at these crazy golf courses. Nullarbor Links in Australia is billed as the world’s longest layout, stretching a […]

Jon Rahm at Torrey Pines celebrating his victory

PGA Tour Preview – Who Will Become a Winner in 2021?

With the new year just rising, it is time to turn the page on a difficult 2020 and look ahead. The 2021 tour schedules actually kicked off on January 7th with the PGA’s Tournament of Champions in Maui. From there, it is similar to what we have become accustomed to in recent years. Barring some […]

Tiger Woods giving his son Charlie Woods a first pump on the golf course

Charlie Woods is a Star at Eleven

What a media frenzy when Tiger Woods and son Charlie played together at the PNC Championship last month. Padraig Harrington said “This is the first tournament I’ve ever played in that Tiger Woods is playing in that he’s not the star of the show. He should note that himself. We’re all going down that range […]

golfers walking up to the 12th green at Augusta National in Autumn 2020

2020 review – what was the most memorable moment from the majors?

Seems strange to be thinking about the most memorable moment, when perhaps the biggest memory was not being able to watch all the majors, especially the king of them all, The Open.   The Pandemic played havoc with the golf schedules and with the last major ONLY just completed, the LPGA should be congratulated on […]

Michael Jordan linking up a golf shot

Jordan’s Grove XXIII Golf Course Using Drone Delivery

Michael Jordan — you know, the ex-basketball player, owns his very own exclusive golf club in Florida, and it’s called Grove XXIII, since he was No. 23 throughout his career (except for those few months when he was No. 45 when he came back). The story goes that Jordan had grown tired of the regulations […]

The Golf Grip

How to hold a golf club?

To seasoned golfers, how to hold our golf club just seems to happen naturally. But what if you’re new to the game? Over the years I have witnessed many first-timers having a stab at it on the driving range, and without any guidance, it can be daunting. Like riding a bike, gradually it all just […]

golf club ready to hit a golf ball

How to Hit a Golf Ball

How to Hit a Golf Ball It is strange, but when we arrive on the tee at the beginning of a round, there is always a certain amount of tension. Whether you are a novice, or perhaps a regular playing with the boss, or even a professional at a major, we have all duffed our […]

Fenix 2021 new collection polo shirt

The Shirt Collar

For an essentially unnecessary piece of fabric around your neck, the shirt collar can be a surprisingly meaningful feature. If someone asked you to draw William Shakespeare right now, the most recognizable thing about him would probably be that XXL collar that makes it looks like Will got so frustrated with writing, he stuck his […]

Owner of Fenix XCell and son at St Andrews

How Many Golf Courses Do You Think are in Scotland?

The huge range and breadth of Scottish golf courses means that whatever your level and course preference, you will never be far from fairways and greens suited to you, with at least 21 courses in Edinburgh alone. Well in Scotland, the unofficial home of golf, there are in fact over 550 golf courses to choose […]

Golfer follow through wearing Fenix XCell tropical collection golf polo shirt and white Fenix XCell golf shorts

Golf Fashion – From Suits to Polos, what’s next?!

Remember this outfit? The game of golf has changed and refined during the many years of its existence. Knowledge of areas such as sports science and how our bodies work have allowed many things to change and improve. The level and standards of courses have increased, making them more demanding. Accompanied by that, professional golfers […]

the MacDonald's Boys Playing Golf

Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden

So, what exactly does Golf stand for? A common misconception is that the word GOLF is an acronym for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden. This is a 20th-century joke and definitely not true. Well, is golf an acronym? The word ‘golf’ is not an acronym for really anything. Rather, it derives linguistically from the Dutch word […]

Golf Ball Dimple Technology

How Many Dimples on a Golf Ball?

Have You Ever Wondered How Many Dimples Are There on a Golf Ball? Many of us regularly put the golf ball on the tee, ready to drive off, without thinking about the actual make up of our golf ball. For example, why do balls have dimples in the first place? Well on checking it out, […]

Toger Woods wearing the Masters green jacker

The History Of The Masters Green Jacket

The Masters Green Jacket is presented to the winner each year at Augusta National Golf Club, but when did this tradition begin and why? Did you know – the Masters Green Jacket is borrowed off an Augusta member with roughly the same build as the winner before the champion is later measured for their own […]

Fenix XCell USA face mask

How to Wear a Custom Face Mask

Strange though it may seem, in a very short period, face masks have now become “the” essential fashion item. To be fair, here in Asia face masks have been in use by many for some time. Perhaps initially to combat the high pollution caused by traffic in Chinese cities or the smog created by forest […]

Thai Country Club Staff Uniform Design by Fenix Custom

Adapting to a Changing World – Face Masks & Custom Uniforms

Having successfully designed and supplied golf apparel for all the leading golf clubs around the world, Fenix XCell like many companies overnight saw their business come to a halt due to the pandemic. Pro shops were closed, distributors were shut, large orders were cancelled and the golf industry was in hibernation. Bangkok based Fenix XCell were forced to close […]

Scott Hend playing a bunker shot wearing Fenix XCell blue polo

Having trouble in the bunker?

Fenix Xcell ambassador Scott Hend has a bunker drill and a secret discount code that will help us all to get out of…and get better at bunker shots. Of course, you have to motivate yourself to get to the practice ground first! Give this tip a try and let us know how it goes by […]

Fenix Leven golf top

Return to the course – Fenix style!

It’s certainly good to be back out on the course, even if I was zig-zagging my way around on most of the holes – some things never change! Still, at least the experience of playing a new course and wearing a new golf polo helped to add a bit of colour to the day! The course, […]

The Fenix Polo design

The Classic Polo Vs. The Fenix Polo

The Classic Polo The end of the 19th century saw outdoor activities boom and they became an important part of the British ruling class’ day. Polo shirts became the main item of the wardrobe for horse-related sports and they were part of the many items brought back by the British from India – including the […]

Total Drive Champion contender, Cameron Champ

Driving Distance Does Not Win You Tournaments

American Cameron Champ can pound the ball for sure. Known as one of the longest hitters on the PGA Tour, Champ validated that reputation by winning the Driving Distance category during the 2018-19 PGA TOUR season. Champ’s measured drives last season averaged an incredible 317.9 yards (289.86 meters).   In the previous two seasons, Rory […]

Francis Ouimet playing golf

From Rags to Riches – Francis Ouimet, Golf’s Greatest Underdog

Golf is one of those wonderful spots that provide us with memorable shots, unlikely winners, and amazing comebacks. One of the oldest such stories, is still one of the most astonishing. Today, we will remember the remarkable story of one of the great golf underdogs, Francis Ouimet, the man who over a century ago, provided […]

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