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Golfer follow through wearing Fenix XCell tropical collection golf polo shirt and white Fenix XCell golf shorts

Golf Fashion – From Suits to Polos, what’s next?!

Remember this outfit? The game of golf has changed and refined during the many years of its existence. Knowledge of areas such as sports science and how our bodies work have allowed many things to change and improve. The level and standards of courses have increased, making them more demanding. Accompanied by that, professional golfers […]

Fenix Custom Staff Uniforms

Uniforms to the rescue!

Although many hotels and resorts are either closed or running on a skeleton staff when the tourists eventually do return, it is highly likely that they will need to recruit, when they find out that many of their old staff are unable to return from overseas. Also, with borders closed, large corporations are finding it […]

Fenix XCell USA face mask

How to Wear a Custom Face Mask

Strange though it may seem, in a very short period, face masks have now become “the” essential fashion item. To be fair, here in Asia face masks have been in use by many for some time. Perhaps initially to combat the high pollution caused by traffic in Chinese cities or the smog created by forest […]

Fenix Leven golf top

Return to the course – Fenix style!

It’s certainly good to be back out on the course, even if I was zig-zagging my way around on most of the holes – some things never change! Still, at least the experience of playing a new course and wearing a new golf polo helped to add a bit of colour to the day! The course, […]

James Bond wears a polo shirt on the beach

The Spy Who Loves Polo Shirts

The James Bond character has always been noted for his suave and sophisticated appearance. The polo-shirt has been an enduring staple of Bond’s wardrobe, first being worn in the classic movie Dr. No. The 007 super spy would then wear the iconic clothing item in Goldfinger and Thunderball, further enhancing the polo shirt’s status among […]

Fenix Custom - from the classic polo to golf shoe bags

From the Course to the Clubhouse – The Fenix Classic Polo

The polo shirt is a versatile clothing item that has been helping men strike the often-tenuous balance between formal and casual wear. Since its humble inception on the tennis courts and golf courses, the classic polo shirt has moved on from its sporting roots, and is now considered an indispensable item in any modern mans’ […]

Custom Polo Shirts by FenixXcell

Why You Need Custom Polo Shirts

If you are looking for a different way to promote your business, then you might want to seriously consider Fenix XCell’s great custom polo shirts. Smart and Professional Almost immediately, wearing a custom polo shirt can provide a much better first impression than if someone in your company was wearing a t-shirt. With detailed collars, […]


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