The idea of employees wearing a custom polo shirt for work would have been out of the question many decades ago. Now, they account for a huge percentage of company uniforms all over the world. Take the likes of Goldman Sachs, Virgin Atlantic, Target, Google and Facebook who all switched from having more formal work uniforms to having custom polo shirts made especially for their staff.

According to the Pew Research Center, Generation Z and millennials make up 40 percent percent of the workforce,  this has created the need for companies to become more creative when it comes to their uniforms.

Goldman Sachs even sent out a memo to their entire workforce stating: “Goldman Sachs has a broad and diverse client base around the world, and we want all of our clients to feel comfortable with and confident in our team, so please dress in a manner that is consistent with your clients’ expectations”. It was very much a case of goodbye suits, hello polo shirts and it was a much welcomed one from its employees.

Indeed, it is an increased level of comfort and more choice for workers to express individuality that having a range of custom polo shirts for a company uniform can provide.

From factories, supermarkets, couriers, sports shops, to schools and offices, custom polo shirts are a common site as companies want their employees to feel comfortable at work whilst feeling a sense of belonging. Having the logo embroidered onto the polo shirt helps to create a team spirit from within the company and encourages a more pleasant atmosphere in the working environment. Not to mention, more employees who feel more comfortable in their work uniform are more likely to be more productive.

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With more young people entering the workforce, workplace habits are continuing to evolve to fit the culture of younger generations who prefer more casual attire.

Jamie Notter, a workplace culture expert, says the casual dress code trend has been around since millennials entered the workforce 10 to 15 years ago. It reflects companies’ increased focus “on employees rather than management,” he says.

With that said, Fenix Custom supplies hundreds of custom polo shirts as employee uniforms to businesses around the world. We specialize in customized apparel and accessories to cater to events, conferences, golf tournaments, sports teams, social groups, company staff, and more.

For some examples and an explanation of how it all works, please visit our website. You can also get in touch with us and we will happily provide you with a free mock-up.

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