FENIX XCELL Custom Design

Custom made – by definition – “made according to the specifications of an individual customer; unique”.

At FENIX XCELL we aim to offer you just that in a few easy steps. We offer a diverse range of products and accessories to compliment each individual event ensuring the complete package is tailored exactly to your specifications. At FENIX XCELL we aim to ensure that not only your shirt stands out from the crowd, but your corporate identity also.

FENIX XCELL Customization Process


    Have some fun! 14 designs on hand to choose from and adapt or modify to your exact specification. 14 colors specifically chosen to maximize the options available to you. Using our custom design program you can mix and match the design and colors to create your perfect polo. By taking it one step further, use your imagination and submit your own design* or match your fabric to your exact pantone colour*, the options are endless!


    We are all aware of the importance of effective branding in today's competitive market place. Brand marketing is the method and means by which you propel your business/event into the public consciousness, so maximise your's by adding 1 or more logos in key positions on our products. Logo's are typically embroidered onto our products but we can offer heat transfer and sublimated options also.


    The shirt is the most popular item we custom make but it does not stop there. We offer a wide range of products which can be tailored to your requirements. From caps to bags, umbrellas to tees, the list goes on…. we are always willing to assist in the supply of any corporate or event items and enjoy the challenge!

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Our custom shirt builder includes a step by step process in which you can tailor your apparel to your desired needs.

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