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Eggusta Clubhouse of Augusta

Eggusta National! An Augusta Story…

Birdies are plentiful at this course, and so is fowl play.

“Welcome to Eggusta National,” golf pro Dave Nastalski said.

Professional golfers were not able to enter the clubhouse at Augusta National in April, as the Masters was moved to November due to the coronavirus. Meanwhile a group of chickens in Raleigh, N.C., are ruling the roost in their place.

Here we are on what would have been Masters weekend. I am missing this place, so, we decided to bring it home,” Nastalski said. The idea for the Eggusta clubhouse was hatched last year, said Nastalski, a pro at Dogwood Country Club in Raleigh.

Eggusta’s clubhouse has two stories, with a door, two windows, and two hanging red flower baskets on each floor. Eggusta’s clubhouse has an attic and two chimneys. Eggusta’s clubhouse has a green awning with white stripes over the front door. And, of course, Eggusta’s clubhouse has an arrangement of yellow flowers in the shape of the United States outside the entrance.

Eggxactly like the real thing in Augusta, Ga.

Golfers do crazy things when they are forced to miss one of their most popular sporting events.

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