For many, the first thing about golf attire that comes to mind is the attention-grabbing getups some of the more flamboyant golf pros have graced the courses in over the years. This may well conjure up images of blazing colors and eye-catching prints splashed against a staid backdrop of manicured greens and elegant clubhouses.

Of course, golf has a long-established tradition of sartorial self-expression – and, from one end of the spectrum to the other, one golfer’s fashion faux pas may well be another’s fashion statement. In short, once you take to the fairways, there is ample license to mix and match.

From head to toe, golfers from a club level up have over the years taken this license and run with it. Just try Googling “outrageous golf outfits” or “golf fashion”.IMG 8475 golf polo shirt

However, when it comes to the fashion stakes – regardless of whether you have a yen for bright colors and loud prints or are more conservatively inclined – what should not be overlooked are the comfort and performance factors.

A poor-quality polo will not only quickly become a distraction, but you may also need to replace it in short time if it isn’t built to last.

There are several factors that should be kept in mind when picking out a polo:

  • Style – yes, style has been covered above. However, it’s also important to note that you should feel comfortable with the style of a particular polo. When hitting the course, you’ll feel better in a polo that matches your personality.
  • Comfort – high-quality fabrics make a significant difference when it comes to comfort, and the longer you are on the course, the more apparent this will become (particularly when the weather heats up).
  •  Performance – you should prioritize polos that will complement your game and allow for a full range of movement (4-way stretch paves the way for improved mobility).IMG 8482 golf polo shirt
  • Durability – you should look for a polo manufactured from premium fabrics, capable of withstanding wear and tear, and which you can rely upon over an extended period of time.
  • Weather – match your polo to the environment you are playing in (from the blisteringly hot to the bitterly cold). UV protection should be a particular consideration, while moisture-wicking fabrics draw moisture away from the body, helping to keep you dry.
  • Breathability – should be a particular concern if you are playing in warmer climates. Lightweight, breathable polos are designed to enable air flow, helping to keep you cool.
  •  Convenience – wrinkle-free fabrics mean that no ironing is required.

Meanwhile, if you are looking to make an impression both on and off the course, polos sporting engaging designs and made with high-quality fabrics can also be a good option for a range of social events.

Finally, keep in mind that value for money extends well beyond the initial price tag, with premium polos designed to provide ongoing value.

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