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driving ranges now need new income streams from golf outfits and other sources

Golf outfits and weddings – Is this the Future of Driving Ranges?

Here is a photo of one of many PGA Academy’s driving ranges being designed and built across China. Reminds me of the driving range at the TPC KL in Malaysia.

This one is at the Hong Kong Golf and Tennis Club Driving Range!!

Golf clubs cannot just rely on their 18-hole course to breakeven anymore, as more people prefer to play at numerous courses, rather than pay high membership fees as in the past.

This added attraction will bring in new golfers, and the revenue from food and beverage, golf outfits and even weddings add to the bottom line.

Pretty Cool, if they could spend some of the PGA’S funds building some of these driving ranges here in Bangkok! I might even pick up a couple of new golf outfits for myself too!

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