The sort of clothing you wear when playing golf plays an enormous part in how you will play in the course. If you want to get the finest performance from your golf game, check out quality dri fit polos.

Fenix is one of the prominent brands when it comes to producing quality golf apparel. If you need an upgrade to your current golf shirts that is comfortable and lightweight, Fenix men’s dri fit, breathable, wrinkle-free short sleeve polo shirts work well for most golfers. Material of Fenix shirts varies but we do find that a polo shirt which is made with 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex material make our shirts more durable for hot weather.

Playing golf during hot weather can be difficult, especially in Thailand where on some courses the temperature can reach a staggering 45 degrees. Feeling uncomfortable out on the course can have a negative impact on your game and can even cause you to rush your shots. If you have a golf shirt that is not suitable for hot weather. an opti-dry feature that ensures you are dry and comfortable is just what you need. Its moisture-wicking fabric pulls sweat away to offer a very dry feel.

Some key benefits of Fenix hot weather dri fit polos include:

• Protects your body from unsafe UV rays
• Offers a comfy feel
• The shirt keeps you dry
• Made of a durable material
• Textured collar to prevent folding
• Available in different styles, sizes, fabrics and colours

When it comes to a comfortable fit, Fenix Xcell has got your back. With our shirts having an opti-stretch feature, the shirt has elastic waistbands that offer you an easy fit.  Opti-stretch technology allows your arms to move freely so you will not have a restricted swing and can really commit 100% to your shots – the way it should be.

You can find a selection of our shirts on our website and also find some great deals in our super sale.

Get comfortable and play happy!

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