How to Hit a Golf Ball

It is strange, but when we arrive on the tee at the beginning of a round, there is always a certain amount of tension.

Whether you are a novice, or perhaps a regular playing with the boss, or even a professional at a major, we have all duffed our first drives.

Of course, the PGA pros who are paid to teach us will say practice makes perfect. But at the end of the day, it is part technique and part what is going through your mind at the time.

Have you left all the worries at the office, or are you still thinking of that new client instead of hitting a good drive?

Golfer follow through wearing Fenix XCell tropical collection golf polo shirt and white Fenix XCell golf shortsSwing Technique

The trick to hitting a golf ball they say is to practice proper form. Set yourself up for success with a solid stance and a natural, secure grip. Square yourself with the ball and, using continuous motions, rotate your hips, torso, shoulders, and arms to swing.

Of course, there are plenty of ways to hit a golf ball, so what works for some is hopeless for others and vice versa. You will also need to master a variety of shots in order to perfect your golf game.

The pro-teacher will tell you when you strike the ball, your hips, feet, arms, and shoulders should all be back to the starting position and square with the ball.

Your weight should be on your front foot, but your back foot should still be planted firmly on the ground. Bump your hip up toward your target when you contact the ball.

I am sure you will see some very strange golf swings, that you initially do not think will work, and yet that golfer is consistently making the centre of the fairway.

American Jim Furyk would be a good example of using an unusual swing but look how much he has won on the PGA tour.

Bottom line is most of use will adopt our own style which gets us around the 18 holes and will never take advice to change.

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