Strange though it may seem, in a very short period, face masks have now become “the” essential fashion item.

To be fair, here in Asia face masks have been in use by many for some time. Perhaps initially to combat the high pollution caused by traffic in Chinese cities or the smog created by forest fires and crop burning across South East Asia.

However, the Covid 19 Pandemic has accelerated the wearing of masks globally, and even Donald Trump is now wearing a mask!!!

Have you worn a face mask before?

If it’s your first time, you should by now know you need to cover your mouth and nose for the face mask to be effective. Additionally, you should wash your face mask after you’ve worn it out and about.

Lastly, most masks available are not clinical masks and will not protect you 100%. You should also adopt safety measures like keeping your distance from others and washing your hands.

Bangkok based Fenix XCell

We at Fenix XCell have been successful for a number of years in designing custom apparel including shirts and caps for major tournaments for the European and Asian Tours, and for corporations such as American Express, Coca Cola and BMW.

Covid 19 hit Thailand very early in 2020 as many Chinese were on holiday in the country, so the country soon went into lockdown.

With their manufacturing base in Bangkok, Fenix XCell quickly went into full production making a number of Face masks for general use. Since then they have been receiving orders from all over the world.

Over the past few months, their design team have come up with what they think is the most practical design for everyday use. Rather like spectacles with a cord attachment, their current face mask design has an adjustable cord to fit all size heads and ears, and the wearer can put the adjustable cord over the head. This is actually very useful, as it enables the wearer to hang the mask under your chin when say you are driving and do not need to wear a mask. Their current polyester masks have three layers of fabric and can be washed up to 15 times.

Apart from producing masks for corporations, the current Fenix XCell range includes masks with Thai, Australian, American, English flags plus some abstract designs too. Check out the retail range here!

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