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Welcome to the Fenix XCell Points & Rewards Program!

As a FX Rewards member, you’ll earn exclusive discounts, offers, access to giveaways and more. There are so many ways to earn Rewards.
Get points just for signing up, plus points every time you shop, write product reviews or refer a friend who makes a purchase.
Wondering how many points you already have? Click here to find out.

Earn FX Points

1 FX Point for every US$ 1 (or equivalent amount in another currency, i.e. £0.73, depending on the daily USD exchange rate) you spend on All your past purchases have already been credited to your account.

5 FX Points for creating an account here. (If you have purchased with us already or are planning on doing so, you will automatically be registered.)

20 FX Points for adding your birthday (click on the green ‘My FX Rewards Points’ icon at the bottom left on the screen to add your birthday). We will also give you 80 FX points on your birthday!

50 FX Points for every purchased product review. The more reviews you write, the more points you earn.

100 FX Points for every friend you refer. Your friends get 50 bonus points on their first purchase and you will get 100 points for each friend who makes a purchase. (click on the green ‘My FX Rewards Points’ icon at the bottom left on the screen to get your referral link – login first.)

Redeem FX Points

Click here to see your current FX points.

Every 30 FX Points can be converted to US$ 1 credit on checkout (For example if you have 270 FX points, you can get a US$9 credit).

FX Points will be automatically converted to the correct value if you are shopping in another (non-USD) currency.

You can get a maximum of 15% discount of the total order value by using your FX Points.

When you are ready to complete your new order, you will see an option to redeem your points on the checkout page. Click ‘Redeem Points’ to apply the credit to your cart.

Please contact us if you have any questions or issues with the FX Points & Rewards Program.


Due to a change in strategy, we have decided to stop online sales for the time being.

We apologize for this and are looking forward to serving you again soon.
Should you have any request, simply use the contact form below and we will recommend you to the nearest retailer for the best offer.

As always, we can provide 100% custom apparel solutions at any time.