So, every time Bryson DeChambeau is competing on TV, commentators start to talk about how he has trained so hard during the lockdown and what a difference it has made to his driving speed and distance.


That said he seems to be missing the actual fairways a lot more than before so is it all worth it?


Now it maybe the norm for all golf professionals to spend hours in the gym, as it means they can hopefully at least outlast a gruelling long season on tour.


But for us, average weekend golfers, turning up for breakfast, and then enjoying a beer afterwards is perhaps more of our normal routine at the course.


Staying Fit


Sure, to stay away from expensive Chiropractors is vital, and to keep our bodies in shape is great, but in moderation.


Most of us cannot afford expensive personal trainers, and if I could dream of driving my ball past 340 yds like Bryson, I would need new glasses!


So, we all know that a few visits to the gym can improve our game, and at the same time, it makes us feel a lot healthier and more energized.


But for the vast majority of us golfers, it is the social side of our rounds that perhaps counts as much.


So, I am sure a lot of you out there would disagree but remember the largest number of golfers globally are over the age of 40 when the body starts to give in to the corporate bulge.


Happy training!!!


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