FX Black Belt


Our new belts are the result of an exclusive collaboration with world renowned belt-maker Druh Belts, and are available in this collection in black and white. The belts can be cut to your required length, as our stylish new Fenix XCell buckles, which include a new Fenix XCell logo on the clasp, are fully detachable. Made with premium leather, the belts also include miniscule aeration holes to prevent sweat damage, leading to improved durability and colour preservation. The white belt matches perfectly with our white, azure blue and blazing yellow trousers and shorts, and can also be worn to fashionably separate darker colours such as black or our new dusty olive, whilst the black belt offers a classic looking alternative which can also be worn in a formal setting or on an evening out.

WOOCS 2.1.9


Product Details

Material: Premium leather
Logo: Belt Clasp
Colours : White, Black

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