Golf Equipment Technology – Does it really make a difference?

Golf equipment technology helps to hit longer drives

A new driver can make a big difference to your game, but choosing the one that fits your game can be a challenge. So what should you consider? The type of shaft, the loft, the club-head size, the weight, when it comes to golf equipment technology the list goes on. It brings up that question […]

Is the Hot Weather Getting the Better of You?

Fenix sponsored PGA Professional Scott Hend wearing one of Fenix's dri fit polos

The sort of clothing you wear when playing golf plays an enormous part in how you will play in the course. If you want to get the finest performance from your golf game, check out quality dri fit polos. Fenix is one of the prominent brands when it comes to producing quality golf apparel. If […]

Low Handicappers Players Golf Tips

golf tips to lower scores on your scorecard

You can never say your game is 100%, so spoke to several Low-handicap players and asked them to share their golf tips on how they kept a low score. First they spoke to Dylan Dethier (+3.3 handicap): ‘Impossible to say just one thing, but I’d say hitting driver out of play is the most common issue […]


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