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Golf safari hole in South Africa

Can You Find Any Crazier GolfCourses?

Here in Thailand, we thought we had some crazy golf courses. Some have been built around old tin mines, or with boulders on the greens, or have greens in the shape of Thailand. But have a look at these crazy golf courses. Nullarbor Links in Australia is billed as the world’s longest layout, stretching a […]

Owner of Fenix XCell and son at St Andrews

How Many Golf Courses Do You Think are in Scotland?

The huge range and breadth of Scottish golf courses means that whatever your level and course preference, you will never be far from fairways and greens suited to you, with at least 21 courses in Edinburgh alone. Well in Scotland, the unofficial home of golf, there are in fact over 550 golf courses to choose […]

PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan and Jack Nicklaus during the first round of the Memorial

Jack Nicklaus: Courses Cannot be made Longer

Bryson DeChambeau is 6-foot-1 and about 240 pounds. Muirfield Village Golf Club stretches to about 7,335 yards. A golf ball has a diameter of 1.680 inches and a weight of 1.620 ounces. As DeChambeau devoured Muirfield Village last week with seven drives over 320 yards, including two over 400 yards, the course’s founder, one of golf’s legends, Jack […]

Asia golf course - Rolling Hills

Asian Golf Courses Ready for Tourists?

A quick survey around many Asian golf courses, and almost 100% in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam are now open for business. With locals plus foreign residents making up the main numbers, naturally, golf clubs are at least welcoming golfers at last. And perhaps more importantly, the staff and caddies are at last earning some badly […]

Santiburi Golf Club Samui - fears some golf clubs and facilities may disappear

How Many Golf Facilities Will Disappear?

Golf is available around the globe, and according to a recent R & A survey, there were 33,161 golf facilities in 208 of the world’s 245 countries. The majority of the worldwide supply is located in the western hemisphere. North and South America are home to 55% of world supply; The U.S. alone claims 45% […]

A new way to map unique golf courses you have played around the world

The World’s Most Unique Golf Courses – Mapped!

New for Google Maps and arranged by are some of the most unique golf courses across the World, now marked. Through this website, it enables golfers to also add Green flags for those you have played, or reds still waiting for your visit.  For the year 2020, there are new editions of Top 100 […]

Golf in England is set to restart

How will golf differ when courses reopen in England?

Golf is one of sport’s more traditional pursuits, but as courses in England ready themselves for resumption on May 13th, it will return as a somewhat different game, maybe perhaps better coordinated and with potential to grow in popularity. Governing bodies worked closely to formulate protocols to make golf safe amid coronavirus restrictions and insiders […]

Fenix Leven golf top

Return to the course – Fenix style!

It’s certainly good to be back out on the course, even if I was zig-zagging my way around on most of the holes – some things never change! Still, at least the experience of playing a new course and wearing a new golf polo helped to add a bit of colour to the day! The course, […]

Thai Country Club Golf Course

Golf: Back to Normal Soon?

Apparently over 48% of golf course in the US remained open during the Covid-19 virus Pandemic, while here in Thailand all 250 courses remained closed. However, there are plans in place to possibly allow some golf courses to reopen here on May 1st, although that will most likely be decided individually by each Thai province. […]

Lost income for many workers at golf clubs around Thailand. A diver collecting golf balls out of the lake poses for a photo.

It is Not Only Golfers Who Want Golf Clubs to Reopen

The Thailand government has recently told various business that they can reopen soon, as they hope the Corona Virus (covid-19) is under control, and this includes Golf Clubs. But it is not only Thais and Expats golfers who are keen to get on the fairways, but also all the staff too, who have been sitting […]


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