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TDGA COVER 1 golf polo shirt

Tom Dingwall: How To Hit Better Drives

Struggling with your driving? Scottish professional Tom Dingwall, founder of the Tom Dingwall Golf Academy in Bangkok, Thailand, joins us to give us his best tips on how to hit better drives. Position your stance slightly wider than your shoulders. This enables a stable base so you can swing hard without losing balance. Tee up […]

golf wedge and balls for short game practise

5 Tips To Improve Your Short Game

We all know that it feels great to drive our ball way down the fairway, but at the end of the day, if your short game is a mess, you will never win a round of golf.   The hard part is to know who to listen to when taking advice and then to have […]

The Golf Grip

How to hold a golf club?

To seasoned golfers, how to hold our golf club just seems to happen naturally. But what if you’re new to the game? Over the years I have witnessed many first-timers having a stab at it on the driving range, and without any guidance, it can be daunting. Like riding a bike, gradually it all just […]

D75 5378 golf polo shirt

Top 3 Golf Tips To Lower Your Score Without Changing Your Swing

1. Keep the ball on the deck around the greens Lowering the risk is one of the quickest ways to lower your score without improving your technique. Typically, the less time the ball spends in the air or the smaller the stroke or swing you take, the less the chance for error. Reaching for your […]

Scott Hend playing a bunker shot wearing Fenix XCell blue polo

Having trouble in the bunker?

Fenix Xcell ambassador Scott Hend has a bunker drill and a secret discount code that will help us all to get out of…and get better at bunker shots. Of course, you have to motivate yourself to get to the practice ground first! Give this tip a try and let us know how it goes by […]

golf tips to lower scores on your scorecard

Low Handicappers Players Golf Tips

You can never say your game is 100%, so spoke to several Low-handicap players and asked them to share their golf tips on how they kept a low score. First they spoke to Dylan Dethier (+3.3 handicap): ‘Impossible to say just one thing, but I’d say hitting driver out of play is the most common issue […]


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