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Style is a personal thing. We all have different taste, and therefore what looks good to one person can be markedly different to what appeals to another. There are, however, some fundamentals of good style that aren’t up for debate, and the first of those is colour-matching. Here are our 6 rules to have you coordinating like a true pro:

1. Don’t be a peacock

We all know at least one friend who shows up to the course most days looking like a bag of skittles. “I like to stand out from the crowd” is usually the response when asked if the lights in their bedroom are working properly. Their goal might be to stand out, but more often than not, their attempts at flamboyance normally result in muffled laughter and strange looks.

Having an outgoing personality is one thing, but knowing how to display that tastefully in the way you dress is a very different challenge. You might be an extrovert, but simply throwing on all the colours of the rainbow and finishing it with a fluorescent belt is usually not the answer, unless you’re auditioning for the Cirque Du Soleil. 

Whether we like it or not, we are constantly being judged, and few things make a stronger first impression on someone than what we are wearing. So if you’re out on the course trying to close a business deal, make a good impression on your father-in-law, or simply to make some new friends, your outfit matters more than you might think.

2. Wear neutral colours

neutral tone golf outfit mens fashion

If in doubt, keep it neutral. This works for a number of reasons; not only is it easier and less stressful to pick out an outfit that works, but you will get the maximum usage from these garments as they can be easily paired with other colours. How often do you get to wear the bright red tartan trousers you bought on a whim? Twice a year? Not the best value for money.

Neutrals cover a fairly wide range of colours, but for the sake of simplicity let’s stick to a core of white, black, grey and navy. American golfer Jordan Spieth (above left) is known for sticking almost exclusively to neutrals, very rarely venturing outside of the afore-mentioned colours. The result is that more often than not, his look is clean and professional. Thai pro Peng Pichaikool (right) also knows how to make neutrals look good, opting here for a smart combination of our Black Performance Trousers with an Iona Polo from our SS21 Collection in Grey.

This “colour-scheme” extends far beyond the golf course and is a safe bet in most walks of life. A casual white dress shirt or tee paired with dark navy jeans, for example, is a classic combination worn by millions around the world.

3. Make an impact with contrast

contrast style mens fashion golf outfit

Neutrals work well because as long as they makes up the bulk of your outfit, you can go as bold as you like with your secondary colour and still look sharp.

Think of the classic, fearsome Tiger Woods Sunday ensemble (left) – black shoes, black pants, black cap, black belt, bright red shirt. 80% of the outfit is neutral, but the sharp contrast of the red makes for a really powerful look. Our own brand ambassador Scott Hend (right) is another who is a fan of this match-up, pictured here in all black with the exception of his Santa Monica rugby striped polo in a bold black and grape.

4. Wear louder prints with plain colours

tropical style polo shirts golf

You’ll have noticed watching golf on TV or in your local golf shop that prints are very much in trend. For the more adventurous of you, these can be a great option to have a little fun whilst still looking sophisticated.  A word of warning: Limit your more daring prints to one piece per outfit so they really stand out. Any more than that will result in a messy look where the only thing standing out is your obviously bad taste.

Pictured above are some popular pieces from our Tropical Collection; On the left is our Women’s Flamingo Print Polo in 2 colours, paired nicely with plain trousers for an modern, chic look. On the right is our Men’s Dragonfly Print Polo, this time paired with all white to make the colours of the shirt really jump out.

5. Avoid tonal / monochromatic looks

monochrome golf outfit

A slightly controversial one here. A strong argument can be made that tonal looks work. Dustin Johnson, for example, is a big fan of monochrome and pulled it off in style with this strong all-navy look (left) on his way to winning the 2020 Masters. Gary Player, too, is well-known for his dislike of any variety whatsoever in his wardrobe and opts exclusively for all-black.

Pulling these outfits off, however, is far from easy and can only be done with subtle, neutral colours. Sergio Garcia has experimented a few times with monochrome over the years and rarely pulled them off. He somewhat infamously opted for this uninspiring light yellow ensemble (middle) in the final round of the 2006 Open Championship. Rickie Fowler, too, began his career with a love of monochrome, wearing what appeared to be an orange boiler suit on Sundays. Thankfully, this didn’t last long and he soon spared our eyes by opting to pair his beloved orange with a neutral base such as white instead.

6. Use this colour-matching guide 

colour color matching golf outfits

If you’re still in doubt, this is a useful guide to help you avoid any complete and utter fashion disasters. If you need to, print it out and pin it up next to your wardrobe.

Seriously, some of you need to.

It goes without saying that we strongly recommend sticking to colours in the first column, but there is certainly some room for some flexibility as long as it is done carefully and with nuance. For example, you’ll see we have suggested that yellow can work nicely with green, but that doesn’t mean we are advocating rocking up tomorrow with a bright green sweater and yellow trousers.

These riskier colour combinations work better when subtly accenting the other. So, if you absolutely must wear yellow and green, something like a yellow logo on a white cap along with your green polo would work nicely.

Do you agree with our 6 rules? Leave a comment below!

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