The Classic Polo

The end of the 19th century saw outdoor activities boom and they became an important part of the British ruling class’ day. Polo shirts became the main item of the wardrobe for horse-related sports and they were part of the many items brought back by the British from India – including the game of polo. The original polo shirt was buttoned with long or short sleeves and distinguished by the material – rugged and buttoned-down collars to stop the collar from flapping about whilst on horseback. It is this reason why they are now known today as the “classic polo”.

The Golf Polo

The latter half of the 20th century saw golf become more casual and the tennis shirt became widely adopted as the standard apparel. It became a dress code in golf clubs and tennis clubs alike. New designs and styles then erupted as the popularity of both sports and polos swept across the country, and soon, the globe.

Golf shirts often have a pocket on the left side, to hold a scorecard and pencil, and may not bear a logo there. For most, golf shirts are commonly made out of polyester, cotton-polyester blends, or mercerized cotton. The collar is typically fabricated using a stitched double-layer of the same fabric used to make the shirt, in contrast to a polo shirt collar, which is usually one-ply ribbed knit cotton.

The Fenix Polo

Recognising the need to combine the lifestyles of both people who play sports and enjoy wearing polos in the office, or in a casual manner, the Fenix Xcell team has come up with a product range that suits all. By creating polo shirts which are made from a combination of different fabrics and varying in proportion, we have allowed the polo shirt to evolve into its own and to let the people decide how and where they want to wear it. In the modern-day 21st Century, Fenix Xcell has created a design that is performance apparel suitable for golf, tennis, and other outdoor activities. From the classic Pique to the Narra short sleeve, there’s a Fenix Polo design to flatter your taste.

Check out our product range to find a design that suits you.

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