The James Bond character has always been noted for his suave and sophisticated appearance. The polo-shirt has been an enduring staple of Bond’s wardrobe, first being worn in the classic movie Dr. No. The 007 super spy would then wear the iconic clothing item in Goldfinger and Thunderball, further enhancing the polo shirt’s status among the elite. Contemporary Bond films have also donned the iconic character in classic polo shirts, where Daniel Craig can be seen sporting it in Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Spectre.

For a man whose main requirement is to infiltrate into the world of the rich and privileged, Bond’s penchant for polo shirts seems like an obvious choice. Whether he is relaxing at a yacht club, checking into 5-star resorts, playing a round of golf, or simply moving around town, James Bond never looks out of place.

The Fenix XCell line of polo shirts are made with the care and attention required to afford the wearer an unmatched level of sophistication…..even if you don’t have a licence to kill.

And if, unlike Mr. Bond, you do wish to stand out from the crowd, have a look at our custom polo shirts service where you can create your very own unique style crafted to match your business, organization, or event.

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