Jon Rahm enters 2021 having signed a multiyear agreement with Callaway, where he eventually will play a full bag of the company’s clubs and golf balls.


So, Jon is obviously happy to change his driver, so what were the top drivers bought in 2020?


According to Golf Digest they rewarded gold stars to several drivers including Callaway’s Mavrik Sub Zero Max. We have added photos of another four drivers that gained their coveted gold star.

Callaway 2020 zero max


However, perhaps the biggest question us regular hackers need to know is….: Is the new stuff better than last year’s stuff?

The answer is a without hesitation “yes.” According to Golf Digest. That said, if you bought a new driver or set of irons or wedges or putter last year, it might not be instantly recognizable. Fact is, seismic shifts in golf equipment are few, the result of the fact that pretty much everything the past few years has been pretty dam excellent.


However, if you have not been able to afford to upgrade your clubs in four or five years or—heaven help you, longer—the chances of you seeing significant improvement is strong.


Better Equipment Technology

The fact is golfers are getting better and equipment technology is the reason. That might manifest itself in better scores or a lower handicap. It might be in the form of more quality shots more often. Or it might come from a less-skilled player getting more enjoyment from the game because they are finally getting the ball in the air and moving it down the fairway.


If you have not changed your clubs in several years, we know the reasons. “I’m not good enough” or “None of that equipment helps average golfers all that much.” Then there is the one we dislike the most, “I’m doing just fine with what I’ve got.”


Unfortunately, not really. We have learned over the years that equipment is designed to help average players more than tour players, and the designs today are aimed at helping the mishit more than the Sunday punch. In other words, the game can be made easier. Not easy, but easier. And who does not want that, especially when a case can be made that it is happening across every section of your bag.


The technology behind the big stick is exploring ways to get you longer than even a year ago just did not really exist. New head shapes, new face structures and new processes combine with new materials—some once only reserved for tour pros, some borrowed from auto and aerospace research—to build drivers that not only make the ball move faster but help you swing faster, too.


Now it is on the market and so the question rather like buying a car, is should I buy now, or will the 2021 models be a lot better? In the end, it is down to individual taste, the money in your wallet and the desire to outdrive your friends off the tee.

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