In today’s digital world, it can be hard to completely separate our hobbies, work, and life from social media. Being out on the golf course gets you away from the world and the screen, but when you’re not out there swinging your best golf clubs, the digital world is calling. 

If you love golf but you also find yourself spending more time than you should on social media, why not mix the two so your digital time can help inspire and improve your golf game? 

Here are some of the top golf professionals to follow on social media to keep you motivated and up to date with the latest in your sport. 

Bryson DeChambeau

28-year old Bryson DeChambeau lives and breathes golf, and it shows on his Instagram account. He’s an exciting and slightly controversial player, not afraid to take chances on the course and with officials! 

But if you’re after pure, unadulterated golfing content, DeChambeau’s account is one worth following. 

You’ll find a good mix of footage from tournaments, DeChambeau’s own commentary on his game, information and announcements about his career, sponsorships, fan interactions, and the occasional personal picture. 

Whatever you want to know about DeChambeau’s game, you’ll find it here. It’s inspiring, interesting, up-to-date, and absolutely golf-focused. 

Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie—now known as Michelle Wiie West—has been around the LPGA for a long time, and was a well-known name even before she was allowed to play on the LPGA tour. 

Her Instagram is a holistic view of her life, including all things golf, cross-training exercise, her adorable daughter, family stuff, and her extremely floofy Old English Sheepdog, Gatsby. 

She also runs a second profile all about food! So if you’re interested in seeing how a golf pro balances family, motherhood, staying fit, and eating healthy, hers is a worthwhile account to be spending time on. 

Rory McIlroy

There’s no denying that Rory McIlroy has been a popular and well-known golfer for a long time. He’s still pretty active on the scene, although his social media is a little on the quiet side. 

If you’re a fan, though, he’s worth following. Of his social media accounts, Instagram is perhaps the least busy. You can keep up with his Twitter account  and Facebook account as well to get a well-rounded view of life as Rory McIlroy. 

Whichever platform you prefer, he’s been less focused on golf lately and more on other things. Being a dad, raising awareness for mental health, and teaming up with new partners are some of the things you’ll find, as well as a good dose of golf. 

Bubba Watson

You don’t get much more wholesome than Bubba Watson. He’s not only a great golfer, but he’s also a committed Christian who values family and really just loves what he does. 

He doesn’t post every day, but when he does, it’s feel-good and generally either sports- or family-related. There’s a fair bit of golf content in there too, and it’s oddly pleasing to watch his left-handed swing! 

If you want to see a different side of Bubba Watson, have a look at his band’s YouTube video for their song, Oh Oh Oh. Watson himself doesn’t have a YouTube channel, but it’s all fun and games with the PGA’s boy band. 

Lexi Thompson

Lexi Thompson’s Instagram account is a mix of golf, cross-training, everyday content, and her own skincare brand, Lexi Skin

Whether you’re just a fan or you’re an aspiring golfer yourself, her profile is motivating and interesting to watch. 

If you’re after golfing action, you’ll find it. If you’re keen to get some insight into the Lexi Thompson behind the golf clubs, there’s a good bit of that too. 

All in all, she’s a good one to follow if you want some inspiration on the course, in the gym, and in everyday life. 

Beef Johnston

English golfer Andrew “Beef” Johnston is larger than life. Currently ranked at number 74 (his highest ever), he’s not one of the top of the pops, but he’s full of character and his Instagram is a fun one to follow. 

The bearded golfer’s Instagram shows plenty of golfing action, interspersed with fun, food, and other random but interesting stuff. 

As well as being a golfer, Johnston is a happy family man, so you’ll find a nice mix of themes on this profile. 

Tania Tare

New Zealand pro golfer Tania Tare may not be someone you’ve heard much about. Although she currently lives in the USA and competes at a professional level, she’s really known for something a little different—trick shots. 

Pop onto her Instagram to feed your golfing soul, but be prepared to get lost in her videos and lose hours of your day! 

Between impressive full golf shots, trick shots that make you scratch your head, and wholesome couple’s videos, there’s no way you can’t be inspired. 

Just be warned—some of her trick shots should probably not be attempted at home, or with your expensive golf equipment! 

Bryan Bros Golf

The account of brothers George and Wesley Bryan, Bryan Bros Golf is all golf all the time. Although they’ve got a decent following on Instagram and share plenty of fun stuff, many of their videos link back to their YouTube channel, where they have a busy vlog. 

Golf enthusiasts will enjoy their content, which is a fun combination of golfing footage, hilarious commentary, and interesting golf challenges. 

They also throw in the occasional “tips and tricks” video, as well as some jaw-dropping trick shots. Worth a follow for the fun of it! 


Social media is a part of everyday life. But instead of browsing aimlessly, why not use it to inspire, motivate, and help you improve your own hobbies? 

Take your pick of these top golf professionals to follow on social media. They bring an excellent mix of quality sports content, fun, and training info, reminding you that it’s important to have a balance between your sport and everyday life. 

About the Author:

Jordan Fuller and John Marshall have both been playing golf for most of their lives. They currently coach and mentor young players, and share golf-related content on their website, Golf Influence

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