Website Product Images 2 07 golf polo shirtGolfers like to arrive at the golf club feeling fit and ready for an exciting round of golf with work colleagues or friends.

Apart from having the best set of clubs in their golf bag, they also want to look the part too, and wish to be seen wearing the best golf shirt around.

Rather like the women choosing a designer handbag, the brand you wear says something about your style, especially when it comes to wearing a top-quality golf polo shirt.

Fenix XCell, the Bangkok based apparel company may be a Thai company, but their high-quality golf polos successfully sell all over the world.

Apart from having a wide range of unique designs, the Fenix XCell collection for 2021 uses all the latest fashion colours, to make you stand out on and off the course.

Feels Great to Wear Even in The Tropics!

Website Product Images 2 12 golf polo shirtNaturally, you also want the perfect fit, but it is particularly important that your polo shirt feels comfortable as well, especially when playing 18 holes in the tropical climates around South East Asia or the warm summers in Europe or North America.

Fenix XCell pays great attention to the quality of fabrics they select, which are not only odor controlled with moisture wicking, but most vitally they offer you UV protection from the hot sun.

Having said that, you could go and buy a cheap imitation for a few bucks, but will you still look presentable at the end of your four hour round, when you meet up for drinks at the club house with your CEO or new business partner?

Fenix XCell prides itself on creating top of the range polo shirts that are easy to care, will still look in great shape after several months, and most important to you, are sold at a fair price.

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