Many average golfers wonder how a golf club fitting can possibly help their inconsistent golf games. Rather like buying a suit off the peg, many of us will buy our golf set in the sports store and go straight out on the course.


So why do the pros spend so much time in the equipment trucks and the major events, tweaking at their irons and changing shafts and grips? I remember managing to buy a secondhand set of rental clubs used at the Dubai Creek Golf Club. I was one of the lucky 20 who bought that weekend but over 200 people had applied. The golf pros at the club told me that these Ping G2 clubs were still in great shape so go out and play a round.


Afterwards, he suggested I go to their fitting shop and see if they can improve my set. First, as the grips were a bit worn, they measure my hands which were on the large size and then changed the grips to wider versions.  They then measured the distance between my arms and the floor and recommended a slightly longer shaft on the irons.

Golf Club Fitting Process

Going out a week later and it felt so much more comfortable and my game did improve. That means even if you’re a golfer who duffs, shanks, hooks and slices, with the proper head designs,  shaft flexes and weights – even as a high handicapper – you can improve and tighten up your misses without changing your swing.


The biggest thing about getting a golf club fitting, and there’s research about this, is 87% of all golfers who are fit can reduce their handicap by at least 10%. Therefore, simple math indicates that a 20-handicap would improve their handicap by at least two strokes by using properly fit golf clubs, whereas a 1-handicapper would knock 0.1 strokes off their handicap.

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