Appearance is everything, particularly when your staff are out there promoting your business, and you naturally want them to feel proud to wear your company logo.

41964631 947707755437630 5295409902456406016 n golf polo shirtWhether you are a front-line teller in a bank, a waitress in a restaurant, senior sales staff at a promotion, or even a factory worker, what they wear is not only important, but it also presents your company’s image

Many firms spend huge sums on designing and building outstanding workplaces, but then they are let down by their staff turning up for work wearing poorly made or badly coordinated uniforms.

After a couple of months, those collars on the polo shirts start to curl up, or the colours fade on the dresses or the maintenance team find their trousers are just too uncomfortable to wear.

Maybe the Procurement Manager tried to cut corners when ordering uniforms, perhaps to save on their budget, and at the expense of the staff looking their best.

Quality is of course everything, however staff turning up every day to work in second grade uniforms, is not only bad for the corporate image, but your employees also can feel uncomfortable too.

Bangkok Company Provides Quality Uniforms

custom step 2 golf polo shirtFenix XCell, the Bangkok based international apparel company, have for many years made a name for themselves, provide good quality clothing for professional and amateur golfers all over the world.

From the Pros on the PGA Tour to the local golf groups, the Fenix reputation for using top quality fabrics that are ideal for hot Asia climate, along with first class manufacturing and printing, meant people liked wearing our shirts and trousers both on and off the course.

Having supplied clothing for most of the top brands including BMW, Coco Cola, American Express and Mercedes, Fenix XCell have now started to provide a Custom Uniform service to companies of all sizes.

From specially printed polo shirts to stylish dresses, or tailored skirts to practical maintenance outfits, Fenix XCell’s team of experienced designers can create unique, practical, and more importantly stylish custom uniforms.

They are not only extremely comfortable to wear but will also still look great after several months of regular washing and wearing.

Whether your company is looking for 2,000 outfits for all departments, or maybe just fifty tops for a team event, Fenix XCell will provide you with great quality, while keeping within your budgets with low cost prices.

Your procurement department now do not have to make many calls and chase up numerous suppliers.

Just one point of contact with the Fenix XCell Custom Uniform manager, and we will take over and design some unique first-class uniforms that will help lift your company’s image.

Visit to inquire how your business can get the best company uniforms.

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